Family Day 14


The “Family Day” conference aims to bring new technology startups together with VCs and other viable partners. The challenge in creating the app for the event was to offer an efficient platform that connected all participants within the event and let them easily schedule meetings with each other.
FD: Herausforderung
FD: Geschäftskontakte effizienter knüpfen

Connect easily with business partners

Weeks before the event the participants were invited to create their own personal profile via Mobile Event Guide’s comprehensive networking tool. With access to the attendees list, the users had the opportunity to connect and schedule meetings with everyone who attended the event. The system maximized attendees’ time, overall efficiency, and general satisfaction by suggesting to users free mutual time slots as well as places to meet – all automatically.

Optimal startup presentation

Detailed profiles in the app gave companies the opportunity to inform attendees via the app through company descriptions and contact information. Startups used “one-pagers” to present their products, product/company development, and capital requirements/need. This information was password protected and only the registered attendees were able to access the list.
FD: Übersichtliches Programm und detaillierte Referentenprofile
FD: Einsatz vor und während der Konferenz

Use before and during the conference

The event website was an additional tool, that gave attendees the opportunity to plan their visit via the comfort of their home or work computer weeks before the event. Meetings were scheduled before as well as during the event and the in-app personal calendar was always automatically synchronized and up-to-date.


The app quickly became the event’s main communication. The 223 portfolio companies used the app to more effectively present themselves and contact potential partners. Moreover, 80% of all participants used the networking tool 2 weeks prior to the event and scheduled over 1000 meetings with one another and sent 3365 messages.
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