Tom Renneberg

  • Chief Executive Officer
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Monika Dzialecki

  • Finance Manager & Business Development
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Julia Martinez

  • Head of Project Management
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Our Teams

Sales & Marketing

We represent the company and are the first contact our customers and partners have with our company. We work with them to create solutions that meet their business needs as well as create additional value for all of our clients in the event marketplace.

Product & Design

Product mangers and designers work together to see that the app and our web applications match both end-user needs as well as market needs. We align this research so that it corresponds to the growing corporate vision and values.

IT Backend

We are the creative and analytical architects who build the digital structures that support our CMS, data structuring, and more. We create the backend technology that drives our app’s content as well as the robust web platform that works in tangent with our flagship application.

IT App

We create the app’s intuitive UX and UI. Our team is most focused on the user’s needs. We are a cross-functional team that uses Scrum to constantly enhance existing app features and bring new features to life.

Project Management

We facilitate communication between our customers and our various teams. We are the team who is responsible for providing our customers support throughout the app-creation process, which is our highest priority. We enjoy working in a highly collaborative environment.

Business Administration

Our task is focused on implementing useful and strategic processes within management, human resources, and throughout the company as a whole. We aim to assist our company achieve the best results.
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